Our Mission

Stronach International, the company that produces the game-changing SARIT vehicle, is reaching out to Canadian university students to come up with ideas for building a better world. Stronach International’s mission is to enhance society and improve the environment. The SARIT electric vehicle is one way the company is living up to that mission. The zero-emission vehicle offers numerous benefits, including the ability to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality by reducing greenhouse gases, and dramatically lessen the amount of money governments spend on public transit and vehicle infrastructure. The environmentally friendly SARIT stands for “Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport”.

Frank Stronach

Frank Stronach – Inventor of the Sarit

Canadian automotive pioneer Frank Stronach has created a new electric vehicle that has the potential to revolutionize urban transportation. Frank Stronach’s role in helping change the way automobiles are made was one of the reasons he was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in the US. Here, in his own words, is why Frank felt the need to create the SARIT Scholarship Program.

A Message from Frank Stronach

I love Canada, the homeland I adopted since coming here as a young immigrant in the 1950s. The country provided me with the opportunity to pursue my dream of starting my own business. It is a land of freedom, tolerance and unrivaled natural beauty. I also strongly believe that it is one of the greatest countries in the world, and I want to use all of my knowledge and experience to keep Canada prosperous and healthy. That’s why I started the SARIT Scholarship Program. I have a great concern about our future – a concern that I know many of you share. We simply cannot continue travelling along the same road that we’ve been on for far too many years now. It’s a road that ends in environmental destruction, the depletion of our natural resources, and a lower quality of life for the vast majority of people. We need to ignite a revolution of the mind so that we can fi nd new and innovative solutions to the growing number of problems we face – everything from poverty and pollution to a lack of jobs. That’s why we’re reaching out to young Canadians – the future leaders of our country – to fi nd ways to create a more sustainable future. I encourage you to step forward with your ideas for how we can build a better world. Good luck with your essay submission and best wishes! Sincerely, Frank Stronach